Reserves Policies

Course Reserves are materials that instructors reserve for their classes. Reserve materials are available for limited loan, usually from 1 hour to 7 days. Instructors can fill out the Reserve Request Form and bring materials to the Circulation & Reserve desk on the second floor of the Main Campus Library or Room 219 at the Chico Center Library to be placed on reserve.

Please do not return any reserve materials to the outside book drop. All reserve materials must be returned to the location where they were checked out - Main Campus Library Circulation & Reserve Desk or Room 219 at the Chico Center Library.

Copyright Notice

If library staff determines that any submitted material may constitute copyright infringement, the material will not be placed on reserve. It will be returned to the instructor to allow the instructor time to obtain permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright Guidelines for Photocopied Reserve Materials

  • The following photocopied items may be placed on reserve:
    • one book chapter;
    • one article from a periodical issue;
    • one short story, short essay or short poem from the same author or collective work;
    • one illustration, graph or diagram from a book or periodical issue.
  • The materials copied shall be for one course and for one term only.
  • Multiple copies of a copied item are allowed at the rate of 1 copy per 20 students in class, up to 3 copies total, not to exceed 9 instances of such copying per semester, and for one semester only.
  • Photocopies of copyrighted consumables such as workbooks, exercises, or standardized tests cannot be placed on reserve.

Copyright Guidelines for Film, Video and Sound Recordings on Reserve

  1. CDs and DVDs can be placed on reserve.
  2. VHS tapes will not be accepted as the technology has become obsolete and is no longer supported by the Library.
  3. Only the original copy of CD or DVD may be placed on reserve.
  4. Burned CDs and DVDs will not be accepted unless the original video or recording was produced by the instructor or the instructor has obtained permission for reproduction from the copyright holder.
  5. Other burned CDs and DVDs of copyrighted material will not be accepted and will be returned to the instructor.

Copyright Guidelines for TV Program Recordings on Reserve

  1. Recorded television programs transmitted by network television and cable stations for general public may be placed on reserve.
  2. The recording can be shown only in the first 10 consecutive school days after it is originally recorded from a broadcast.
  3. The recording must be destroyed within 45 calendar days after the program was recorded.
  4. The recording should be labeled with program title, recording date, destruction date, and name of the instructor.
  5. If an instructor wants to keep a television program on reserve for a longer period, the instructor should obtain permission from the copyright holder or purchase a legal copy to be placed on reserve.