Postings and Notices Policy

Appropriate items for display

The library's bulletin boards and literature table are reserved for official Butte College announcements and events. Events and announcements sponsored by departments and college-approved student groups are included.

How to post:

Bring items for posting to the Library Circulation Desk for approval. If approved, library staff date-stamp the item and will post a maximum of one announcement per floor.

Maximum size allowed for posting:

8 1/2" X 11" for student (board) postings.

11" X 17" for district (wall) postings.

Second Floor Literature Table:

College-related literature not suitable for posting may be displayed on this table. (The counters at the reference and circulation desks are reserved for Library literature.) Bring literature-table items to the library circulation desk for approval by staff.

Time limits:

The posting period  for bulletin board and literature table items is two weeks. Longer posting periods will be allowed only by prior approval. All postings will be removed at the end of the each semester.

Removal of items

Expired items or items not in accordance with this policy are subject to removal by library staff with no prior notice.

Promotional literature and other items left in non-designated areas will be immediately removed and discarded.