Financial Aid - Federal School Code: 006972

Work Experience & Financial Aid

At Butte College, students may arrange through Job Placement & Cooperative Education to obtain college-level credit for on-the-job training. For detailed information on eligibility for the Work Experience Education program, click on the links below or visit the Job Placement & Cooperative Education Office in SAS-258.

Career Work Experience (courses numbered 99): for students seeking work experience in a field related to their major

General Work Experience (WKE-198): for students seeking work experience not specific to their major

Work Experience Courses and Financial Aid Eligibility

Federal regulations (effective July 1, 2011) specify the number of allowable times a course (same course number) may be repeated. To have a class count toward financial aid, a student receiving a passing grade cannot repeat a class more than once (for a total of two times). Also, see the Financial Aid page on Repeat Coursework for a fuller description of federal regulations regarding eligibility for retaking coursework. 

How does this affect Work Experience Courses?


Financial Aid course repetition policies only allow units from the first two enrollments in Career Work Experience (courses numbered 99) and General Work Experience (WKE 198) to be used toward Financial Aid eligibility.

Career Work Experience and General Work Experience are counted as separate courses. Therefore, it is possible, though unlikely, that a student could enroll in both WKE 198 twice and Career Work Experience twice, and all four enrollments could be counted toward Financial Aid eligibility.

This policy is retroactive: if you have already earned Career Work Experience units twice, you cannot have Career Work Experience units count for Financial Aid purposes. The same applies to General Work Experience.

If you have any questions regarding using Work Experience units for Financial Aid eligibility, please speak with the staff in the Job Placement and Cooperative Education Office. For questions specific to Financial Aid, please see the Financial Aid Office.