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Butte College Career Services Fall 2011 Career Life Planning Websites

California Career Zone

Occupational information as salary, job outlook, education & training required, and two minute video clips describing many occupations

California Occupational Guides

Job descriptions, job outlook and wages, qualifications required to enter the career, and much more.

Chronicle Career Library

Occupational Briefs

Over 2000 occupational briefs with descriptions including duties, salaries, education & training, and outlook.


EUREKA has three databases which include free career assessments, occupational information,and colleges & universities. Contact the Butte College Career Center for the ID code to use this site.

Get A Reality Check

Choose the city that you wish to live in California, your housing, monthly expenses, educationallevel, and career area of interest. This site will use your information to generate careers that will pay you enough to support your chosen lifestyle. This can be fun and enlightening. You may need to allow pop-ups.

Missing Major

This site can be used to gather information about yourself including career interests, work values, work preferences, and your dream job. Use this information for self-exploration and reflection or take it to meet with a career counselor.


A wealth of information on numerous occupations.

OOH (Occupational Outlook Handbook)

Select this site for reliable career information including career duties, education & training required, salaries, related occupations, and more.

Vocational Biographies

With this program, you can career-shadow over 1000 persons from across America working in a variety of careers. Many usual occupations and many specific occupational titles are detailed here as someone currently working in the positions shares a wealth of information. Contact the Career Center for the user/school name and password.

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