Currently Active Clubs

Students Clubs offer you the opportunity to be involved. There are many clubs on campus that range from a social to political to academic focus. If you're interested in joining a club please contact the club advisor listed below!


American Design and Drafting Association (formerly ACM)

No description provided.

Advisor: Nathan Basurto,

African Student's Association

We are a group that shares ideas on how to affect the college and Chico community with our cultures and values. We intend to raise funds for loans and scholarships to current and future African students at Butte College.

Advisor: Max Infeld,

Ag Ambassadors Club

The mission of the Agriculture Ambassadors is community service, outreach, and socialization for students within the community and fundraising activities to support the leadership functions on a state and national level. The club is involved with Farm City Week, FFA Field Days, campus wide BBQ's, attends the national conference held at different universities each January and the state conference held in September. Teamwork, communication, group dynamics, human interactions and parliamentary procedure are included as learning activities for club members.

Advisor: Carrie Monlux,

Agape Christian Fellowship Club

Agape is a Christian fellowship here at Butte College. We offer encouragement, prayer, promote unity among believers.

Advisor:  Ruth Ann Hansen (SAS 245) 895-2339,

Anime Club

We are a club focused on meeting others of similar interests in terms of anime and Japanese culture. We offer a warm and friendly environment for our members and guests.

Advisor: Keiko Tokuda,

Asian Student Association

The purpose of the Asian Students Association is to encourage and promote multicultural awareness within the campus and larger community. Asian cultures and traditions are honored through educational, cultural and social events such as multicultural fashion shows, dances and food fundraisers. The ASA is committed to the education and understanding of all students and their cultural backgrounds. Membership is open to all students who are interested in learning and contributing toward community diversity.

Advisor: Verla Winslow,

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) provides an intellectual, cultural, and social environment for students as well as community members. The Black Student Union strives for academic excellence and promotes cultural awreness, and social awareness of current issues facing African American people.

Advisor: David Goodson, 879-4343,

California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) Butte College Chapter

The Butte College chapter of C.S.S.C. is committed to bringing about sustainable initiatives, ideas and information for the entire Butte College community. 

Advisor:  Nijmah Ali,

Chinese Student Association at Butte College

This association is for uniting Chinese students at Butte College. Members in the association not only help Chinese students achieve their academic successes but also help other countries' students learn Chinese and accumulate more knowledge about Chinese culture. Members will help Chinese language learners improve language skills and introduce Chinese culture as conversation partners once every two weeks. Students who participate in the Chinese language course will be invited when the Chinese Student Association has activities such as traditional Chinese festivals.

Advisor: Dakuan Sun, 570-5390,

Computer Science Club (ACM Chapter)

The CSC/ACM is a social organization focused around computer technology with the goals of: education, leadership, facilitating interaction and communication with the business community and assisting members with local community contact and/or service projects. We strive to be an asset to the Butte College community by assisting Butte College Students with their basic computer repair needs and gaining recognition of the Computer Science Department across campus.

Advisor: Linda Fischer, 893-7402,

Deaf Education and Awareness

We want to learn about the Deaf culture and also learn American Sign Language. We will provide time to interact with other students and learn and practice sign language.

Advisor: Laurel Hartley, 520-5694,

Environmental Horticulture Club

A networking group of horticulture and agriculture students who want to learn more about industry opportunities and the world of "hands on science" of food, fiber, and environmental production.

Advisor: Tip Wilmarth, 895-2540,

Fashion Club

Butte College Fashion Club is for creative and fashion minded students who want to shaire their passion for creating fashion or wearable art beyond the classroom. Club members spend the fall and spring fundraising, promoting the club on campus, and designing and constructing original designs for the spring fashion show in mid-May. Club members are also able to work on other projects with the help of an instructor.

Advisor: Martha Hope, 864-2345,

Butte Feminist Union

The Butte Feminist Union is a pro-equality union committed to activism, education, empowerment, and networking with like-minded people on campus and in the community.

Advisor: Alicia Trider,

Advisor: Lauren Wilson,

Friends of the Refuge at Butte College

The Friends of the Refuge is a student organization that leads educational hikes and builds community awareness on the many plant and animal species that inhabit the refuge. We also work to restore the native species habitat on the Butte College Wildlife Refuge with a specific emphasis on our Boyer Glen picnic area.

Advisor: Kelly Wood (LS 108) 895-2580,
Advisor: Rick Wittsell (AHPS 251) 879-6194,

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

We hope to create and safe haven where everyone has the freedom to express themselves and ideas without judgment. We also hope to create awareness in our community about events and issues in the LGBTQ+ Community. Inclusive to all members of the community.

Advisor: Jake Boone,

International Club

The International Club is primarily a social club. Our goals are to provide opportunities for both international and domestic students to convene ans explore cross-cultural issues.

Advisor: Laura Rapozo-Davis, 879-4341,
Advisor: Tom Grothe (LRC 264) 895-2241,

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship USA

Intervarsity is an interdenominational and multi-ethnic student movement with 900 chapters on campuses all over the US. We value making space for students of all backgrounds to ask their hard questions about God. 

Advisor: Lisa Christiansen,

Kinetic Sculpture Club

We hope to bring together art and engineering, and science students from all academic interests! Students will design, build, and compete in the annual kinetic sculpture race in Humboldt County. 

Advisor: Martin Wallace,

Advisor: Rusty Bogart,

Literary Arts Club

We are a group of students who like and love to read, write, and talk about literature and creative writing. We also publish a creative writing journal for students.

Advisor: Jennifer White,

Mechatronics Club

We, the mechatronics club, will explore and apply technology by practical experience.

Advisor: John Dahlgren


MESA club facilitates field trips, outreach activities, and speaker presentations that incorporate math, engineering, and sciences.

Advisor: Nena Anguiano (PS 118) 879-4301,

Motorsports Club

Learn about team building skills, pit crew responsibilities, event production, EPA requirements and SCCA safety rules and regulations.

Advisor: Brad Dressen, 895-2258,

Music & Audio Production Club

Music and Audio Production hosts monthly Open Mic afternoons on campus, a fall semester "Battle of the Bands" and a spring music festival. It also provides sound system support for Butte College student club events and enables student musicians the chance to preform for a live audience.

Advisor: Jeff Pershing, 345-3596,

The National Student Nurses Association

The National Student Nurses Association is an organization designed for nursing students or future nursing students who have a desire to advance their knowledge of the nursing profession, and become a part of a group. The club does community service projects (Alzheimelrs Memory Walk in October), and does fund raising that allows nursing students to attend the California Student Nurses Association Convention every year.

Advisor: Shannon Claiborne, 895-2570,
Advisor: Susan Craig,

Native American Club

Uniting diverse tribes of indigenous groups of people and networking with other clubs.

Advisor: Jennifer White,

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for community college students. Our local chapter, Beta Theta Kappa, is engaged in a number of activities under the four hallmarks of Leadership, Service, Fellowship and Scholarship. To be eligible for Phi Theta Kappa, a student must have completed at least 12 associate-degree applicable units (numbered from 1 to 199) here at Butte College, with a cumulative GPA of no less than 3.5. He or she is then invited to affiliate with Phi Theta Kappa. Although many members of Beta Theta Kappa are also enrolled in Butte Colleges Honors Program, this is not a requirement.

Advisor: Brian Donnelly, 895-2866,

Pre-Health Professionals

Pre-Health Professionals are committed to improving health care; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine. We plan to attend many conferences that will inform our members on attending medical school. There are internships, scholarships and community service opportunities available, for which we plan to take advantage of.

Advisor: Dr. Andrea White, 895-2274,

Political Advocacy and Civic Engagement 

Political Science and Social Science Club.

Advisor: Cynthia Bynoe,

Science Club

The Science Club at Butte College seeks to enrich and expand the experience of students of math, science and engineering. The Club creates a learning community by holding informal study sessions in which students network with one another, sharing knowledge and resources. In addition, the Club plans to conduct community outreach activities, including tutoring and scientific demonstrations for local K-12 schools, as well as projects to improve the Butte College campus.

Advisor: Bob White (PS 110)
Advisor: Elizabeth Wannenmacher, 828-8541

Skills Club

The Skills Club has been created to prepare participating students for their future careers. This will be accomplished by additional skills practice in preparation for competitions at the regional, state, and national levels.

Advisor: Doug Conrad, conraddo@butte.eduAdvisor: Dale Alexander,

Sports Medicine Club

A professional club designed to provide insight and guidance to students interested in professions with the Sports Medicine umbrella.

Advisor: Mario Vela (Trainer's Trailer, P.E. Department) 895-2370,

Start-up Club

Butte Start-ups focuses on turning ideas into a product or viable business.

Advisor: Jennifer Nelsen,

Student Veterans Organization

A network of Veterans who attend Butte Community College, gather for social events, promote the needs of Veterans and lobby for continued services.

Advisor: Colin Ferguson,

Symbiotic Solutions

We are a club that is interested in the beneficial properties that fungi have; from nutritional aspects of edible mushrooms to improving soil quality to remediation of contaminated environments.  Here is a list of projects the club is currently involved in:

-Construction of an edible mushroom garden bed outside the Life Science building on the Butte College main campus.

-Construction and maintenance of a storm water filtration mushroom bed in partnership with the Biological Wetland Educational Living Laboratory (BWELL a MESA internship program).

-Design and perform experiments to demonstrate the effectiveness of mushroom mycelium to break down motor oil.

-Mushroom identification hikes with emphasis on edibles.

-Cultivation of edible mushrooms in pure culture.

Advisor: Mike Matiasek, 895-2277,

Welding Club

For students who want to expand their knowledge in the welding industry.  The club members are positive role models on campus by participating in community services and raising funds for scholarships.  The student's further their education and experience with field trips, guest speakers, and facility tours.

Advisor:  Trevor Robinson,, 895-2360


Butte College Clubs that Need Leadership!

The clubs below are currently inactive and need interested students! For information on how to restart one of the clubs below contact the Butte College Club Advisor, Yvette Zuniga, at

Want to Start a New Club?

Starting a new club at Butte College is easy! Visit the Office of Student Life in Campus Center 145 for information on how to form a club!