AS annual report

Associated Students Annual Report

Each year the Associated Student Board publishes an annual report that provides information on Associated Student spending, representation, programs, and accomplishments. The Associated Students are funded through the Student Activity Fee and the Student Representation Fee. These fees are included in your tuition with the student service fee. It is the job of the Associated Student Board to establish budgets and maintain public records of spending for both fees.

2013 - 2014 Associated Student Annual Report

2012 - 2013 Associated Student Annual Report

2011 - 2012 Associated Student Annual Report

2010 - 2011 Associated Student Annual Report

2009 - 2010 Associated Student Annual Report

Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee is $18 per student and is used to fund student events, the Sustainability Resource Center, the Culture and Community Center, the Chico Center Student Lounge, activity cards, campus programs, academic planners, club support, and Associated Student Board officer stipends. 

Student Representation Fee

The Student Representation Fee is $1 per student and is used to fund student elections, student government conferences, state-wide lobbying, SSCCC, the student ambassador program, student training and any other student representation related needs.