Mission & Goals

The Butte College Regional Testing Center is an authorized professional testing center that administers internet-based (IBT/CBT), and traditional paper and pencil exams. These exams provide national, state, and professional certifications, licensure, and college program credentialing to students, employees, and community professionals. These testing services offer an opportunity for individuals to earn portable credentials in a wide variety of technical and professional skill areas. This is done to meet the needs of citizens, industry, business, and government entities consistent with the Butte College mission. The Center is a member of the National College Testing Association and complies with the NCTA's Professional Standards and Guidelines for testing centers.

The RTC strives to:
• Provide a public service by offering computer-based and/or paper-pencil testing services;
• Provide a facility conducive to a quality testing environment which will be clean, comfortable, quiet, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly;
• Provide outstanding customer service by being friendly, courteous, responsible, informative, accurate and supportive;
• Provide assistance to various campus offices in helping students meet their needs for different programs; and
• Collaborate with our faculty and administrators, other colleges and universities, testing companies, and national organizations to keep abreast of the most recent changes in all aspects of our testing services

Value to Butte College

• Service to Butte College students
• Supports Butte College academic programs by providing testing for certifications and credentials that augment educational programs and increase employability
• Provides campus access to potential students
• Provides a community service to individuals in our area seeking testing services