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Step 3 - Reg2Go

3. Assessment

Knowing more about your skills in reading, English and math is an essential part of clarifying academic goals and understanding the expectations of college level courses.

The purpose of the Basic Skills Assessment (BSA) requirement is for students to establish placement levels and course eligibility to make your college experience more successful.

With a profile of your present skills, counselors can recommend courses where, with effort, academic achievement is likely. They also can suggest programs that will help you meet your vocational and educational goals.

Format of the BSA:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Computerized & Adaptive
  • Untimed, work at your own pace (average time spent 1.5 to 2.5 hours)
  • 3 Sections: Reading, English, & Math

In most cases, BSA will be held at your high school. Your high school counselor will have the location, time and date. See your high school counselor to find out how to sign up for the test date well in advance.

On Test Day:

  •  Bring your Butte College Student ID #
    • If you have applied call (530) 895-2511 for help retrieving your ID #
  •  Photo ID needed
    • H.S. student ID card, transcript, or DMV ID are all acceptable forms of identification

Reg2Go BSA Participants:  Please share your opinions with us by taking our brief survey.  Click here to get to the survey.

Have you Taken the AP Exam, EAP, SAT, ACT, or EPT/ELM?

If you have, and achieved the minimum scores (see table below), we may be able to use those to satisfy some of your placement requirements.

Test Taken Subject & Minimum Score(s) Documentation Required

-AP Language & Comp. or AP Literature & Comp.; score of '3' or higher

-Calculus AB and/or BC; score of '3' or higher

-Statistics; score of '3' or higher

Bring official AP Score Report
SAT Critical Reading 500+; Math 550+ Bring copy of SAT scores or copy of HS transcript with scores
ACT English 22+; Math 23+ Bring copy of ACT score report or copy of HS transcript with scores
EPT/ELM EPT 138+; ELM 50+ Bring copy of score report
EAP 'Ready' (we do not accept 'conditional' readiness) Bring copy of STAR report with EAP eligiblity listed

If any of the above apply to you, please bring a copy of the 'Documentation Required' on your test day and we will evaluate it on-the-spot to determine which part(s) of the assessment you may be able to waive.

Study Guides:

These study guides provide an example of the type of questions that will be asked on the BSA.

How to Access Results: (Please Note: a copy of your results will be provided to you at the Reg2Go Orientation)

1. Go to MyBC Portal

2. Click on WebAdvisor

3. Click on the small plus sign by Academic Records

4. At the bottom of the menu, click on Assessment Results

Science Prerequisites:

Butte College now accepts high school biology and/or high school chemistry to meet some select science prerequisites. If you have taken HS biology or chemistry and are interested in science classes at Butte then please submit proof (i.e. high school transcript) along with the completed Science Prerequisite form. Click here for the Science Prerequisite form.

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