2013-14 Unit Plan
Natural Resources

Mission Statement

The Butte College Natural Resources Program prepares students for employment in the areas of forestry, wildlife, range, and park/recreational-land management, including restoration ecology, or transfer to a higher institution. The Program also meets the needs of community residents and industry employees (government and/or private sector) requiring vocational enhancement, updating and/or training in the areas mentioned above. 

Program Description

This program currently serves approximately 207 ± FT students with full and part-time faculty per year moving through either one of two one-year certificate programs or an AS degree program. Students not transferring to universities move into paid employment immediately following the completion of our program. 

The program currently has one primary FT instructor hired at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year, along with 2 Part-Time instructors to meet the instructional needs for students to obtain classes. However, there is a need for additional sections and part-time instructors to meet current and future needs. The Farm Manager plays an integral part in helping Natural Resources Program students in utilizing the Main Campuses Wildlife Refuge as an outdoor classroom for laboratory activities as well as AGR 99 work experience.

Some of the Program’s Advisory Committee recommendations have been implemented this past fall semester with the addition of NR 70, Geospatial Data Applications course and supplements to the curriculum of previously existing courses.

Future Development Strategy

Strategy 1


  • Focusing on student success

  • Supporting Rationale

    Supporting Rationale Alignment
  • Supports Previous Program Review Recommendations
  • Supports Changes from Student Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Maintaining core programs and services
  • Increasing student success
  • Establishing new initiatives that support the Strategic Direction
  • Maintaining the appropriate program and service mix between the main campus and outlying centers
  • Required Resources

    To be funded by Perkins IV/budget.

    1. NR 20: Much of our equipment is aged and requires maintenance, replacement or upgrade to current technology. Following is a list of some of the more immediate needs: Current cruising technology, software and electronic measuring equipment, increment borer, and tree caliper - $2500.00.
    2. NR 28 – Water quality instruments and supplies - $2370.00.
    3. NR 55: Animal capture/restraint supplies - $400.00.
    4. NR 65: Recreational video/DVD’s - $300.00.
    5. NR 70: Additional and extremely accurate GPS Equipment and Software - $10,500.00.

    Current Revenue Stream

    Program augmentation of the modest budget to allow replacement of outdated equipment and increase capabilities is a must. Propose to increase program budget from $13,650.00 to $16,070.00 per year.

    Augmentation Requests

    Original Priority Funded Program, Unit, Area Resource Type Description Account Number Object Code One-Time Augment Ongoing Augment Supporting Rationale
    1 Yes Natural Resources Equipment $0.00 $16,070.00 Program augmentation of the modest budget to allow replacement of outdated equipment and increase capabilities.
    Total(s) $0.00 $16,070.00