2013-14 Unit Plan
Digital Art & Design Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Digital Art and Design Department is to provide a diverse learning environment for interdisciplinary exploration and career training in multimedia, photography, radio-TV/film, music and fashion; to educate students from diverse cultural backgrounds; to enable students to investigate contemporary theory and practice; to facilitate blending new technologies with traditional media across multiple domains and disciplines; to foster individual inquiry, high level 
collaboration and team-based production; and to graduate students who will become future contributors in multi-media, photography, radio-TV/film, music and fashion.

Program Description

The Digital Art and Design Department (DA&D) consists of five programs: RadioTV/Film, Photography, Multi-Media/Graphic Design, Music and Fashion. The three full-time and 25-30 associate faculty teach 70 different courses offering students theoretical and hands-on experience in a variety of digital and traditional media to prepare them to: transfer to a four year institution; earn an AA degree; earn Certificates of Achievement/Completion; prepare for entry level employment in Radio-TV/Film, Music, Multi-Media/Graphic Design, Fashion and Photography; and complete transfer GE requirements in the Social Science, Humanities and Literature categories.

The DA&D Department served 1787 registered students for Spring 2013. The enrollments and sections offered in each program are:

Fashion                                   115 students    7 sections
Multi-media/Graphic Design        425 students  18 sections
Music                                      760 students  26 sections
Photo                                      340 students  15 sections
RTVF                                       382 students  12 sections

The DA&D Department offers the following degrees and certificates (AS = Associates of Science Degree, AA = Associates of Arts Degree, CA = Certificate of Achievement, CC= Certificate of Completion):
Fashion Merchandising   AS CA
Graphic Design for Print  AS 
Multi-Media Studies          AS CA
Photography                     AS
RTVF                               AS CA CC
Recording Arts                 CA CC
Music                               AA (transfer) pending

The faculty continues to keep informed about changes in industry standards and practices so that course content can be updated and students can be exposed to skills and theories that have real world applications and value. We are working with the Computer Science Department to develop hands-on courses in multi-media and digital animation to specifically meet the needs of students in the newly approved Applied Computer Technology program with an emphasis on video game design.

The DA&D department serves transfer students by offering live and online courses which meet specific transfer requirements in three GE areas: Social Science, Humanities and Literature. For those seeking an AA degree or a Certificate of Achievement/Completion, we offer a variety of hands-on digital labs that assist students to develop those skills and techniques required for successful entry into the work force as an employee or freelance independent producer. 

The DA&D department supports student success by making our class schedule user-centric with courses offered in Chico, Orland and the main campus at a variety of times including evening courses. For those unable to attend traditional face-to-face classes, we also offer a number of Blackboard supported Internet based distant education courses allowing students to complete GE transfer courses.

There are currently one fulltime and seven associate faculty on the main campus teaching day and evening classes.

The program offers seven Multimedia Studies courses, with an additional eight courses in Graphic Design. 

Class sizes are based on the number of available computers (25 in each of three Apple computer labs).

In the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office system wide  report of 2007-2008 wage gains by TOPS code, the 
Graphic Design and Multimedia wage gain for students 2 to 3 years after earning their diploma or certificate in Graphic Design or Multimedia was $45,451 compared to those without a diploma/certificate who earned a median income gain of only $10,708  The survey was based on 244 awards earned during the assessment period.

Future Development Strategy

Strategy 1

Upgrade all digital art labs to the latest version of Adobe Creative SuiteĀ 

  • Focusing on student success
  • Enhancing an innovative, responsive, and accountable culture

  • Supporting Rationale
    The software currently used in our Photography, MSP and RTVF classes is obsolete. To maintain parity with industry standards, it is vital that we upgrade our lab computers to the latest version of Adobe CS so that students using the labs can learn the latest techniques and applications to maintain their employability in entry level positions.

    Supporting Rationale Alignment
  • Supports Previous Program Review Recommendations
  • Maintaining core programs and services
  • Increasing student success
  • Strategy 2

    Add Adobe Lightroom to the photography labsĀ 

  • Focusing on student success
  • Valuing a culture of learning

  • Supporting Rationale
    Adobe Lightoom is the de facto standard for professional photographers. It is essential that students learn the software so that they can successfully compete for entry level employment

    Supporting Rationale Alignment
  • Supports Previous Program Review Recommendations
  • Maintaining core programs and services
  • Increasing student success
  • Required Resources

    The Adobe Photoshop Suite is needed in all three Apple computer labs. This upgrade on our software is needed for student success.

    Our current Adobe software is a year behind, and the Video software we use is four years old and does not run well on our computers.

    By upgrading to the newest Adobe suite, we will be able to switch from the old video software and begin using the newest Adobe video software.

    Current Revenue Stream

    Augmentation Requests

    Original Priority Funded Program, Unit, Area Resource Type Description Account Number Object Code One-Time Augment Ongoing Augment Supporting Rationale
    1 Yes Digital Art Equipment Adobe Lightroom Software 11-000-512-1-061460 56411 $3,750.00 $0.00 Focusing on Student Success. Valuing a Culture of Learning. Enhance student educational experience and access through strategic use of technology.
    2 Yes MSP Equipment Adobe CS Suite 56411 $35,000.00 $0.00 Focusing on Student Success. Valuing a Culture of Learning. Enhance student educational experience and access through strategic use of technology.
    Total(s) $38,750.00 $0.00