2013-14 Unit Plan
Public Relations

Mission Statement

Mission: Promote public awareness about Butte College and its programs, faculty, students, graduates, in an effort to maintain or increase student enrollments and brand the college.

Program Description

The Public Relations and Marketing Department conducts the following activities throughout the year:

Develop and distribute newsworthy information about Butte College, its programs, students, faculty, staff, and alumni using the following communication tools:

     Write and distribute press releases and PSA’s to all media in Butte and Glenn Counties
     Create Campus TV slides
     Develop College publications
     Create bus back signs for College branding 
     Work closely to identify graduate/alumni testimonials to feature on our Website
     Partner with the Transfer Task Force to promote transfer student success stories
     Continue to update Butte College’s Website home page 
     Produce a holiday e-card annually
     Develop promotional items as giveaways to assist in marketing/branding Butte College 
     Manage official Butte College social networking sites on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and YouTube. 
     Assist College departments in creating new web pages on the Butte College Website and portal
     Advertise news and upcoming events on the home page of Butte College’s Website
     Produce an Annual Report to the Community available online and as an insert in newspapers
     Partner with the Associated Students and assist with editing/proofing of press releases
     Update College videos

Additionally, our office manages the following activities:

Manage the Butte College logo style guide and work to ensure College logo guidelines are maintained; 

Coordinate a Daily District Announcement to all College faculty and staff;

Manage and update the Butte College map for its main campus and three centers;

Serve as the media liaison for all media requests; Coordinate all media relations with the President’s Office

Produce a monthly media report to Board of Trustees;

Manage Butte College home page and MY BC page;

Organize and update a Campus Events Calendar and a Portal events calendar;

Serve as the primary spokesperson and media liaison for the College in a crisis situation utilizing ReGroup;

Assist with student retention opportunities, niche markets, and transfer task force marketing campaigns;

Develop a standard brochure template for the AA-T and AS-T transfer degree programs;

Manage the production of a high school demographic report for nine area high schools;

Create a College catalog annually;

Manage production of two online class schedules;

Develop a printed Glenn County Special Class Schedule twice annually;

Coordinate Butte College sponsored events such as ribbon cuttings, groundbreakings, and celebrations as directed by the Office of the President;

Organize signature community events annually:
Butte County Office of Education “Kids Challenge” event for 450 afterschool program 4th through 8th grade students
American Association of University Women “Career Trek” event for 150 8th grade girls and parents/guardians

Assist the Butte College Foundation in promotion of its Spring Gala fundraising event; 

Publicize and handle all promotion and video interviews of the Butte College “Outstanding Alumni” of the Year on behalf of Butte College and the Butte College Foundation;

Maintain digital photo library;

Produce a printed employee directory;

Provide marketing support at no charge for all departments by creating press releases, producing public service announcements and/or assisting with public relations. 

Continue to generate over 1,700 positive media and TV clips annually in the local area, statewide, and nationally. 

Future Development Strategy

Required Resources

Current Revenue Stream

Augmentation Requests