2013-14 Unit Plan
Public Safety

Mission Statement

The Butte College Police Department is dedicated to the people, traditions and diversity of our College. In order to protect life and property, prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime, we will provide service with understanding, response with compassion, performance with integrity and law enforcement with vision.

Program Description

The College Police Officers have peace officer authority pursuant to Penal Code 830.32 and Education Code 72330. The College Police Department is responsible for law enforcement and all emergency responses on campus. The College Police department works closely with instructors and staff to resolve student disciplinary problems.  We work closely with the health clinic to ensure wellness of our students and staff.  We provide emergency response education to our students and staff. We work with all college departments to prevent crime when possible.  It is also responsible for providing support services tailored to meet the needs of the diverse campus community. Our department strives to provide a sensitive measured approach to all situations requiring police assistance, while still maintaining the autonomy of the College.

Future Development Strategy

Strategy 1

The Butte College Police department will increase our ability to respond effectively to emergencies and critical incidents.

  • Focusing on student success

  • Supporting Rationale
    With our remote location, emergency response time from outside the college is too long to be effective in either critical incident or a medical emergency.  We need to have the ability at all times to respond effectively and deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.

    Supporting Rationale Alignment
  • Supports Previous Program Review Recommendations
  • Resolving health, life, and safety issues
  • Maintaining core programs and services
  • Increasing student success
  • Maintaining the appropriate program and service mix between the main campus and outlying centers
  • Strategy 2

    The Butte College Police Department is committed to service to the campus community.  To this end we strive to provide any service needed by the campus community.  We will continue to offer new and innovative services to students and staff, including education and crime prevention programs.

  • Focusing on student success

  • Supporting Rationale
    The College Police department provides non-traditional services such as vehicle lockout, jump starting, door unlocks, AED maintenance, escort service, safety training, crime prevention, education and others.

    Supporting Rationale Alignment
  • Supports Previous Program Review Recommendations
  • Resolving health, life, and safety issues
  • Maintaining core programs and services
  • Increasing student success
  • Maintaining the appropriate program and service mix between the main campus and outlying centers
  • Required Resources

    1)  With the increased costs of ammunition and the need to train our officers to effectively respond to critical incidents like and active shooter, we need to increase our budget to allow for the purchase of more ammunition.  We also now need to cove the purchase of less lethal ammunition.

     2)  The College Police Department currently maintains the District AED program.  We need additional funds to perform this task.  AED batteries, pads and other items require replacement on a regular basis.  Last year the department was given one-time money to cover this.

    3)  The college police department needs to help educate the students and staff in reguard to a proper response to an Active Shooter event on Campus.  To do this, we want to purchase the rights to use "Shots Fired on Campus."  An excellent 20 minute training video. 

    4)   The College Police department needs to hire one additional Police Officer.  Due to our remote location, backup from other agencies is not usually quickly available.  To effectively respond to a critical incident, such as an Active Shooter, requires at least two Officers.  Our current staffing level only allows for one officer on the main campus at night.  Backup can be 15-25 minutes away.  This is too long to wait for a response in a critical incident.

     5)  Currently the main campus has no permanent staff available to the students after 5pm.  The Police Officers are out on patrol; however, students need someone they can find at a fixed location.  We need to hire an Administrative Secretary to staff the front desk until 11pm.  This person would greet students; perform dispatch and administrative functions for the Police Department.

     6)  The Police department needs to have the ability to respond quickly and reliably to emergencies.  This often means driving vehicles with red lights and sirens faster than is allowed for the general public.  To do this safely, the Police department needs good condition vehicles.  These vehicles need to be low-mileage vehicles so that they will not fail while engaged in an emergency response.  If our vehicle breaks down, we will not be able to respond to the emergency.  We currently place approximately 6400 miles on each of our vehicles each year.  100,000 miles is considered too high for emergency response vehicles.  We currently have a patrol vehicle with 115,000 miles on it.  It needs to be replaced.

    7)   The College curently contracts out with a private security company for coverage from 11:00pm to 7:00am.  By bringing this back inhouse, we will have better quality employees and provide higher quality service to our students and staff.  We would also be trusting Butte College employees with access to campus resources instead of revolving minimum wage contract employees.

    8) and 9) Our Current Emergency Phones have closed cases and no blue lights to identify them as Emergency Phones.  We need to upgrade or replace them to meet modern stadndards of visibility and accessability

    10)  The College Police Officers are required to write reports for any incidents that they are involved in or occur on campus.  To increase time away from the office, we need to purchase tablet style computers for the patrol vehicles.  This would allow officers to write reports and access information from the vehicle instead of the office.  This will increase response time to incidents.

     11)   As with other modern Police Departments, College Police use Patrol Rifles.  These rifles allow a more accurate response to critical incidents, decreasing collateral damage and increasing the Officers ability to respond effectively to Active Shooter or other critical incidents.  We currently have three rifles.  Due to the nature of a rifle, they are most accurate when assigned to an individual.  To do this we need to purchase three more rifles.

     12) The College Police Department currently has one ballistic shield.  This shield allows an officer to respond to a threat, or remove a person from a danger zone by providing a bullet resistance shield that can be carried by the officer.  We need to purchase 2 more of these so that one can be in each patrol vehicle and ready for deployment.

    Current Revenue Stream

    Item #4 Current Funds - 52190/53000 - $357,704 covers existing full-time officers.  There are no additional funds to cover another officer.

    Item #5 - Current Funds - 52320/53000 - There are no current funds to cover this position

    Item #2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Current Funds - 56410/56411 - The college police budget does not have any equipment funds available.

    Item #1 - Current Fund - 54500 - Available funds for supply items is $7,789.  These funds are used to purchase yearly supply needs for the department and does not include supply needs for doing required weapons training. 

    Item #7 - Current funding for the Elite Security Contract.

    Augmentation Requests

    Original Priority Funded Program, Unit, Area Resource Type Description Account Number Object Code One-Time Augment Ongoing Augment Supporting Rationale
    1 Yes College Police Operating Expenses Training Ammunition purchase augmentation 110002101677003 54500 $0.00 $2,000.00 Increased training related to active shooter events, combined with increased cost of ammunition. We currently do not have a separate ammunition budget.
    2 Yes Colelge Police Operating Expenses Maintence of AEDs 110002101677003 56410 $0.00 $2,000.00 College Police maintains the AEDs of the district and these funds are needed to purchase batteries, pads and other items to perform this task. This was funded with one-time dollars in 12/13.
    3 Yes College Police Equipment Purchase rights to use video Shots fired on Campus 110002101677003 56410 $3,000.00 $0.00 This video would help us educate students on how to respond to an active shooter on campus. This training program include the Instructional DVD and CD containing PowerPoint presentations, instructor guide, student note-taking workbook, course training plan, post test and the digital files of the video allowing you to upload onto our intranet. The arrangement they’ve negotiated with the CCCCO is $3,000 one-time. This is nearly a 75% discount from standard pricing.
    4 Yes College Police Personnel Authorization to hire new additional permanent College Police Officer 110002101677003 - 52190 $0.00 $64,245.00 This position will add one additional College Police Officer. Current scheduling allows for only one officer to cover the main campus in the evening. By hiring one more officer, we will have two officers on the main campus in the evening. This will greatly enhance our ability to respond to and deal with a major problem such as an active shooter on campus. This will reduce back fill costs.
    5 Yes College Police Personnel Authorization to hire a Administrative Secretary 1, evening shift 110002101677003 52320 $0.00 $46,953.00 This position would be used in the evening primarily to answer phones, and greet students at the front counter. This would give students a permanent college staff member that they could find and talk to in the evening on the main campus. Currently, no such person exists. They would also fill other support functions for the Police Department.
    6 Yes College Police Equipment Police Vehicle - replacement 110002101677003 - 56610 $15,000.00 $0.00 One of our current patrol vehicles has 115,000 miles on it. This is beyond the safe, usable life of a patrol vehicle. We currently average 6400 miles per year with our patrol vehicles. This vehicle is already over the industry acceptable limit of 100,000 miles.
    7 Yes College Police Personnel Hiring of 1.5 Security personell for night time coverage 110002101677003 52190 $0.00 $1,000.00 By hiring 1.5 security personnel would eliminate the need for contract security company and instead staff the 11:00pm to 7:00am shift with Butte College personnel. This would improve service to the students and staff of the college by providing consistency and higher quality employees. We would have direct oversight over these employees rather than trusting our campus resources to non-Butte College employees. The wages would be a wash between what we currently pay Elite and the cost of hiring our own employees. The slight increase may be exaggerated and would be due to training and equipment purchase.
    8 Yes College Police Facilities Purchase new Emergency Phone towers for the main campus 110002101677003 56410 $28,000.00 $0.00 This would allow us to replace our current emergency phones with modern, easier to find phone towers with lights. Currently our Emergency Phones are difficult to locate and accessibility is limited. A less desirable alternative is the upgrade of our existing equipment.
    9 Yes College Police Upgrade existing Emergency phones - an alternative to number 8 110002101677003 56410 $14,000.00 $0.00 This would replace the current closed case housings with open housings and also add a blue light to each emergency phone. This is an alternative to the previous augmentation request.
    10 Yes College Police Equipment Purchase 3 tablet computers with vehicle mounts 110002101677003 56411 $1,800.00 $0.00 This would allow us to purchase 3 Windows tablets with vehicle mounts to allow mobile data access while on campus and mobile report writing. This will reduce the time spent by officers in the office and increase time spent out on campus.
    11 Yes College Police Equipment Patrol Rifles (3 additional) 110002101677003 56410 $3,000.00 $0.00 Patrol Rifles are a necessary piece of equipment in a modern police department. They offer a greater ability to respond to threats and reduce the risk of collateral damage. We currently have 3 patrol rifles shared by 6 officers. Due to the way rifles are sighted in, each officer should be issued a rifle for maximum accuracy.
    12 Yes College Police Equipment Balistic Shield,(2) 110002101677003 56410 $3,000.00 $0.00 The purchase of 2 additional ballistic shields will allow us to have on in each patrol vehicle, ready for deployment in an active shooter situation. The ballistic shield allows the responding officer to carry protection with him and allows for a faster, more effective response or rescue.
    Total(s) $67,800.00 $116,198.00