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Medco Prescriptions

Butte College is part of the Butte Schools Self-Funded JPA (BSSP) that funds the cost of prescription coverage with its own dollars. Although providers and members see Medco on the insurance card, BSSP pays the full cost of all claims.

BSSP provides prescription benefits on an insured's primary medical plan only. There is no payment of benefits as a secondary coverage. Plan deductibles run on a fiscal year basis from July to June.

Each plan has a $150 per person, maximum $450 per family prescription deductible in addition to the medical deductible.

Co-pays for restricted drugs (those only available in 30-day retail supply) will be pro-rated to the mail order rate.

Generic Choice - These deductibles are waived for generic drugs, both retail and mail-order.  The Generic Choice program will also save your out-of-pocket co-pays by encouraging you to switch your brand name drugs.  If you elect a brand name prescription when there is a generic alternative, you will pay 100% of the brand cost.  Your doctor may file an appeal with Medco.  If the appeal is approved, the $60 formulary/$90 non-formulary co-pays will apply for 90-day mail order prescriptions.  Retail brand name co-pays, for precriptions approved by Medco after your doctor's appeal, will be $20-$100 for formulary and $30-$150 for non-formulary prescriptions.

Contact Information
Butte Schools Self-Funded Programs (BSSP)
(530) 532-5837

Reimbursements: PO Box 14711, Lexington KY 40512
Mail Order: PO Box 3938, Spokane, WA 99220-3938
Member Services: (800) 711-0917

Because the BSSP prescription coverage is as good as or better than Medicare Part D coverage, insured and spouses covered under a retiree plan and age 65 or over are not required to have Medicare Part D.

If you are trying to place a Medco prescription order by mail, you can access the Medco by Mail Order Form here.  If you are seeking for reimbursement for purchases made at a retail pharmacy you can access the Direct Claim Form here.

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