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Life Insurance

The District-paid life insurance benefit provides up to $50,000* Basic Life and AD&D to all regular full and part time classified, academic, and MSC employees and all members of the governing board. Elective supplemental, spousal, and child life insurance can be purchased by the employee during open enrollment in May of each year. Eligibility for all plans is the first day of the month following the employee's date of hire. A conversion plan is available following termination of employment.

Contact Human Resources immediately to report marriage dissolution or termination of domestic partnership.

UNUM Life Insurance Company of America
2211 Congress Street
Portland, Maine  04122

Active full-time and part time (regular) employees and members of the governing board

Guarantee Issue -  Supplemental elections over $100,000 are subject to evidence of insurability approved by UNUM ($100,000 for employees; $30,000 for spouses)

* Reduction Schedule - Premiums and benefits are reduced on the first of the month following the insured's birthday to a percentage of the original benefit for employees age 65 and over:

- 67% for employees age 65-69 and
- 34% for employees age 70 and over.
- Benefits terminate at retirement buy may be converted to an individual policy.

Increases During Open Enrollment- Annual increases of $10,000 in employee and $5,000 for spouse supplemental coverage (up to Guarantee Issue amount) may be elected annually during open enrollment without an evidence of insurability.

Voluntary Supplemental Coverage additional monthly premium paid by the employee
Employee voluntary, $.23 (Life plus Ad&D) for every $1,000 (increments of $10,000)
Spouse voluntary, $.23 for every $1,000 (increments of $5,000)
Dependent voluntary $.70 a monthy for $5,000 coverage on dependent children (regardless of the number of children). Birth to 6 months = benefit limited to $500

Benefits coverage
Accidental Death and Dismemberment - An Accidental death and Dismemberment benefit (an additional amount equal to the group basic life amount) is included.

Seat Belt Rider - An Automobile Accident Benefit (pays an additional 10% of the scheduled AD&D benefit with a $100,000 maximum) is included if the covered person dies from an automobile accident injury while wearing a seat belt. (Some limitations apply: please see group policy for specific limitations).

Living Benefit - Policy pays up to 80% of the face value of the policy with a diagnosis of 12 months or less to live.  Once an employee recieves an accelerated benefit, the death benefit payable to the named beneficiary will be reduced.  This benefit is payable only once in an insured's lifetime.

Dependent Education Benefit - A Dependent Child is eligible for an Education Benefit if the Dependent Child enrolls as a full-time student at a post-secondary school before reaching age 23 and within 1 year after the Employee's date of death.  The annual Dependent Child's Education Benefit is the lesser of:
a) 5% of the Employee Basic Accidental Death Benefit payable; or
b) Incurred Expenses; or
c) $5,000

Waiver of Premium - The amount of life insurance is continued without further payment of premiums for employees who are totally disabled before age 70.  For employees who are totally disabled before age 65, Waiver of Premiums ceases at the later of age 65 or 12 months.  For employees who are totally disabled on or after age 65, Waiver of Premium ceases at 12 months.

Beneficiary Designation
You may update your beneficiary at any time.  It is very important to review your beneficiary designation periodically.  Once a beneficiary is designated it is not refutable.

Contact Human Resources for Beneficiary Change Form.

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