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Financial Aid Announcements 

FALL 2014/SPRING 2015

NEXT FALL DISBURSEMENT: Thursday, September 18th. For eligible students who did not make earlier date. Must meet all eligibility criteria, including Education Goal and Academic Program.

"FREEZE" DATE for Fall 2014 financial aid was September 8th. Students had to of been registered for all courses by the FREEZE DATE in order for all units to count for financial aid. Waitlisted classes do not count for financial aid eligibility. 

Financial Aid Award Notification emails have been sent to more than 7,216 students with completed files.  This email covers your Rights and Responsibilities as a financial aid recipient and provides info on maintaining financial aid eligibility. For your Award Letter, go to MyBC and print, if necessary.

Awarding will continue, and emails sent, as additional files are completed. All processes are completed in date order.


  • 2014-2015 FAFSA is required. File ASAP if you have not already done so. CLICK for MyBC "7 Days to Pay" tutorial.
  • Submit all required documents ASAP to complete your file. Check your Butte College email and MyBC under Financial Aid > Required Documents. CLICK for tutorial on how to locate required documents. See Forms & Links (top pf page) for PDF to print forms.
  • Students not in Satisfactory Academic Progress are not eligible for fin aid. Emails were sent to students exceeding Time Frame (Excess Units) and to students disqualified for GPA and/or Pace. See SAP policy here.
  • Be aware: If you leave school, REPAYMENT may be required and a "hold" placed on any future financial aid.


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