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Butte College's Ridesharing Program Ranked Top 10

Butte College's Ridesharing Program Ranked Top 10

More than ever, students at Butte College are taking advantage of connecting with other students through Zimride, a national online rideshare program. Butte College is among more than 100 colleges and universities who are members of the Zimride network.

A record number of students have taken advantage of the program's service, which connects students with others to commute to campus or travel to their hometowns.

"Butte College has become one of our best examples of how to implement a successful ridesharing platform at a commuter school," said Paul Thompson, National Account Manager at Zimride who oversees the partnership.

Zimride also found Butte College ranked No. 1 in the percentage of its population that posted new commutes. It also ranked sixth in the nation for total new commutes – 719 – in 2011.

In January 2011, nearly 400 people were posting rides to share on the college's Zimride network—and by December 2011, postings had increased to 1,000. User growth went from 500 undergraduate, faculty and other users to just under 1,200 during the same period.

Based on user data, Zimride found that the college's ridesharing program saved the community $314,119 in fuel and vehicle wear and tear costs, 22,571 gallons of gas, and offset CO2 emissions by 437,891 pounds in 2011.

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