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Great Teachers

The Butte College Great Teachers Seminar, offered every August before the fall semester begins, is both inspiring and rejuvenating. It brings together teachers from all disciplines, counselors, librarians and other faculty, both full-time and part time, to explore successes and innovations and solutions to problems.

The seminar is based on the principle that educators learn best from each other. The purposes of the seminar are:

• To analyze educational problems and to find realistic, creative approaches to their solution.
• To venture beyond the limits of the separate disciplines, specializations, and environments in search of transferable ideas and the universals of teaching.
• To stimulate the exchange of information and ideas within the community college movement by building an expanding network of communication among faculty.
• To promote an attitude of introspection and self-appraisal by providing a relaxed setting and an open, human climate in which participants can seriously review and contemplate their attitudes, methods, and behavior as faculty.
• To celebrate good teaching and renew the commitment to education.


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