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Learning Group Program

Learning Group Program Information

An opportunity to share ideas
Learning groups offer faculty the opportunity to collaboratively pursue an activity that leads to the improvement of the institution. The activity should lead to one or more of the following: 1) staff improvement 2) student improvement and/or 3) instructional improvement.

Faculty may participate in two learning groups per academic year not to exceed 33 hours total (per the Flex Committee). The program allows the faculty participants to determine the number of flex hours required for the group's activity (up to 33 hours per year). These hours will be earned through reading, group discussion, and other activities the group may determine are worthwhile.

From four to twelve faculty (full and or part-time) may form a learning group. Initially, a "Step 1 - Members and Project Plan Form" see link below) must be completed and submitted to the Professional Development Faculty Coordinator for pre-approval. At the completion of the group's activities, each member must fill out an individual participation form.

The learning groups are expected to meet together at the same time to fulfill the requirements of the program. The number and duration of the discussion sessions will be set by the group. A record of these meetings must be kept by each group member. Each group member will submit the "Step 2 - Tracking the Learning Group" Form (see link below) to Professional Development at the conclusion of the group.

Semester-by-semester groups
Ideally, a learning group should form and finish within one semester. A group may request a renewal for the next semester.

Forming A Learning Group

Step One - The first step establishes the learning group and informs the Professional Development Office of its existence. This step names the group members and establishes the texts or materials needed for the group's activities.  

CLICK THIS LINK TO SUBMIT: Step 1 - Members & Project Plan

Step Two - The second step tracks the learning group throughout its duration. This step provides an accounting to the Chancellor's Office for flex hours. Those hours will be awarded at the close of the group's activities.

Link to submit Step 2 - Tracking the Learning Group - (link to be activated soon!)

For more information, contact Professional Development at

Butte College | 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville CA 95965 | General Information (530) 895-2511

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