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Private Apartments

Chico Apartment

This housing option is popular for students who are independent and seek a space of their own. Most students choose this option after they have established connections in the area and have made friends during their first year. Most students rent an apartment for six-month to one-year periods of time. When selecting your apartment, make sure it is in a desirable location and close to bus lines, shopping and social activities. Most students who choose this option will live with one or more roommates, but living alone is also an option for those who would like more personal space. Since choosing an apartment is such a personal decision, with so many options and possibilities to choose from, it is the students responsibility to make their own living arrangements. A few places to begin your apartment search are:

  • for Local Housing Options
  • Chico Enterprise Record - This is the local Chico paper. To find apartments for rent, go to Choose Classifieds from the homepage and then click For Rent.
  • You may also go to and type in keywords, Chico CA apartments for rent. This will bring up many property managers in the area and provide you with even more choices.


Note: All housing options are limited and the sooner you make plans for housing the more options you will have in securing the place that is best for you.

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