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Classified Class Specifcations

Classified Class Specifcations


Account Clerk I ( C102.100)

Account Clerk II (C102.200)

Account Clerk Senior (C102.300)

Accountant (C185.100)

Administrative Secretary I (C103.100)

Administrative Secretary II (C103.200)

Administrative Secretary III (C103.300)

Administrative Secretary To The Assistant/Associate Dean (C103.400)

Administrative Secretary To The Dean (C103.500)

Administrative Secretarey-Grants (C179.100)

Administrative Secretary-Non Instructional (C103.600)

Administrative Secretary-Office Coordinator (C103.900)

Administrative Secretary-Office Coordinator-Student Health Clinic (C103.800)

Admissions and Records Technician II (C104.300)

Admissions and Records Technician Senior (C104.400)

Ag Farm Technician (C106.200)

Ag Instructional Equipment Mechanic II (C105.200)

Alternate Media Support Specialist (C107.200)

Assessment Technician (C109.100)

Assistant Athletic Trainer (C186.100)

Athletic Equipment Technician (C110.100)

Bookstore Operations Technician I (C113.300)

Bookstore Operations Technician II (C113.200)

Bus Operator (C116.200)

Bus Operator-Mechanic (C116.100)

Call Center Representative (C190.100)

Call Center Representative Bilingual/Biliterate (C190.200)

Catalog/Schedule Production Technician (C118.100)

Children's Program Specialist (C119.100)

Clerk I (C120.100)

Clerk II (C120.200)

Clinical Assistant-Student Health Clinic (C189.100)

Custodian I (C124.100)

Custodian II (C124.200)

Custodian-Lead (C124.400)

Desktop Technician (C191.100)

Employment Technician (C129.100)

Facilities Planning & Management-Lead (C130.100)

Facilities Planning & Management Maintenance-Lead (C130.300)

Financial Aid/Veterans Assistant I (C131.100)

Financial Aid/Veterans Assistant II (C131.200)

Financial Aid/Veterans Assistant Senior (C131.300)

Food Service Assistant I (C132.100)

Food Service Assistant II (C132.200)

Food Service Assistant Senior (C132.300)

General Bookstore Retail Clerk (C134.100)

General Merchandise Buyer (C135.100)

Grounds Technician I (C137.100)

Grounds Technician II (C137.200)

Grounds Technician Senior (C137.300)

Grounds Technician-Lead (C137.400)

HR Clerk Receptionist (C157.200)

Instructional Aide (C141.300)

Instructional Aide-LEAD (Language, Education and Development) (C141.100)

Instructional Career Specialist (C143.100)

Instructional Graphic Designer (C182.100)

Instructional Technology Specialist (C145.100)

Kinesiology Equipment Technician (C159.100)

Laboratory Technician I-Sciences (C148.100)

Laboratory Technician II-Sciences (C148.200)

Laboratory Technician Senior-Sciences (C148.300)

Laboratory Technician-Arts (C146.200)

Laboratory Technician-Health Occupations (C195.100)

Laboratory Technician-Horticulture (C147.100)

Laboratory Technician-Photography (C158.100)

Library Technician (C149.200)

Library Technician Senior (C149.300)

Library Media Technician (C149.400)

Maintenance Technician I (C150.100)

Maintenance Technician II (C150.200)

Maintenance Technician Senior (C150.300)

Media Production Specialist (C151.200)

Multimedia Electronics Technician (C153.200)

Multimedia Electronics Technician Senior (C153.100)

Network/Computing Specialist (C154.100)

Operations Technician II (C139.200)

Operations Technician Senior (C139.300)

Payroll Technician (C180.200)

Printing Services Technician I (C128.100)

Printing Services Technician II (C128.200)

Printing Services Technician Senior (C128.300)

Program Assistant (C193.100)

Programmer-Analyst (C138.300)

Public Relations and Marketing Specialist (C177.200)

Recruitment and Outreach Technician (C162.100)

Shipping-Receiving & Mail Services (C163.100)

Skilled Craftsperson-Electrician (C166.100)

Skilled Craftsperson-Heating, Ventilation, Air (HVAC) (C166.200)

Skilled Craftsperson-Plumber (C166.300)

Special Programs Clerk (C167.100)

Student Orientation and Events Assistant (C187.100)

Student Services Assistant (C183.100)

Student Services Tutorial Technician (C176.100)

Systems Administrator (C138.400)

Technical Services/Energy Analyst (C127.300)

Telephone Systems and Data Cabling Technician (181.200)

Textbook/Course Materials Acquisition Technician (C170.100)

Transportation Mechanic II (C172.200)

Transportation Mechanic Senior (C172.300)

User Support Services Technician (C140.100)

Webmaster (C174.100)

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