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Certificate of Achievement Requirements

Certificate of Achievement Requirements

A Certificate of Achievement in Welding Technology will be awarded upon satisfactory completion ("C" grade or better) of the courses listed below. Upon completion of these courses, the student will be prepared to take the Welder Certification test. WLD 20 and WLD 21 with Level 1 Welding Certification are prerequisites to the program. Note that some courses have a prerequisite (P), corequisite (C), or both (P/C). Prerequisites and corequisites are listed within each course description in the catalog.

WLD 22   Oxyacetylene Welding and Flame Cutting (P/C)  2
WLD 24   Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick Electrode) (P/C)  8
WLD 25   Fabrication Practicums (P/C)  2
WLD 26   Symbol Reading, Blue Print Interpretation and Computations (P/C)  3
WLD 28   Mig and Tig Arc Welding(P/C)  3
WLD 30   Heavy Plate Welding (P/C)  3
WLD 32   Integrated Welding Applications (P/C)  3
WLD 34    Pipe and Tube Welding (P/C)  4
WLD 36   Welder Qualification(P/C)  3
WLD 40   Welding Equipment Maintenance and Service (P/C)  2
WLD 42   Introduction to Welding Inspection (P/C)  2
WLD 50   Pipe Fitting and Cutting (P)  2
WLD 56   Welding Industry Employment Preparation (P/C)  3
WLD 154   Shop Practices for Welders I (P/C)  1
WLD 156   Shop Practices forWelders II (P/C)  1
WLD 160   Welding Certification Practices (P)  1

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