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Fire Science

fire science

General Information
The Fire Science Program is designed to give students a broad working knowledge base to pursue a career in firefighting.  They will gain insight to the many aspects of municipal and wildland fire fighting in addition to building construction and inspection.

Fire Science Courses
FSC 2*  - Introduction to Fire Science - 3 units
FSC 4*  - Fundamentals of Fire Behavior and Control - 3 units
FSC 6    - Fire Tactics and Strategy - 3 units
FSC 8    - Personal Fire Safety - 3 units
FSC 10* - Building Construction and Fire Protection - 3 units
FSC 12* - Fundamentals of Fire Protection - 3 units
FSC 14* - Fire Protection Equipment and Systems - 3 units
FSC 16   - Fire Company Organization and Management - 3 units
FSC 18   - Basic Wildland - 3 units

AS Degree / Certificate of Achievement
AS Degree Program - In addition to General Education requirements, students seeking an AS Degree must complete 24 units of Fire Science coursework. Courses listed above that are denoted with an (*) are the core courses that the student will build his or her degree around.  These are the 15 units of required coursework that must be taken.  The remaining nine units of Fire Science to be completed are electives and are to chosen from the remaining list of classes.

Certificate of Achievement - A Certificate of Achievement in Fire Science will be awarded upon successful completion of the following courses below.  To receive a certificate an official request must be filed with the Office of the Dean of Career and Technical Education and departmental approval must be obtained.

FSC 2    FSC 4   FSC 8    FSC 10    FSC 12    FSC 14 as well as POS 2 (US Gov't)   PE 18 (Fitness) - twice  and  an ENGL requirement.

See Course Catalog for complete information on specific requirements and course options to fulfill degree requirements.  A Butte College counselor may be of assistance for program planning and career guidance assistance.

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