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Administrative Justice

Administration of Justice is the application of law and the social and natural sciences to the social phenomenon of crime and delinquency. The discipline addresses definitions, causes, prevention, discovery procedures, legal process, treatment and rehabilitation and research in both criminal and civil aspects.

The Administration of Justice Program aims to:

Identify and increase understanding of major social issues related to crime, criminals, prevention and control, and victims.

Develop the critical thinking skills of those enrolled in the program so that students are competent in identifying and assessing the various alternative solutions to the problems associated with the control and prevention of crime, and delinquency.

Enable the students to understand the research, which is available to policy makers concerned with issues of crime, delinquency, and victimology.

Administration of Justice Courses
Courses are offered which span the entire system of justice administration in both public and private sectors.

  • AJ  1 - Criminology
  • AJ  2 - Administration of Justice
  • AJ  3 - Legal Research
  • AJ  4 - Criminal Law
  • AJ  6 - Evidence
  • AJ  7 - Report Writing
  • AJ  8 - Criminal Investigation
  • AJ 10 - Juvenile Procedures
  • AJ 11 - Criminal Procedures
  • AJ 13 - Organized Gangs
  • AJ 14 - Community Oriented Policing
  • AJ 99 - Work Experience

Work Experience

The Butte College Administration of Justice program is beneficial to anyone seeking employment in Law Enforcement or other related fields. To those who qualify, valuable work experience and internships are available through regular coursework and offer temporary job placement in numerous facilities. After completion of the Butte College Administration of Justice program, permanent positions often result.

Career Opportunities
There is a growing demand for Law Enforcement officers and Public Service employees at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels. Nearly all government agencies involved in Public Administration various social welfare agencies employ graduates of Administration of Justice programs.


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