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Economics - Business Education


The Economics Program studies business decisions, government policy and consumer behavior. By studying economics you will learn why economies grow and the causes of business cycles. Also, economics courses will interest you if you are interested in politics and public policy. You will learn how taxes, subsidies, and government regulation of business activity affect consumer welfare, job creation and prosperity. Students majoring in business, social science, humanities, engineering and computer science, mathematics, or other fields are often interested in taking courses in economics.

As you study economics, you will develop critical thinking skills that are valued by employers. The economics program requires strong quantitative and communication skills.  Economics prepares you not only for additional study in our field, but also in a variety of related fields. Students with economic backgrounds go on to different types of programs in law, business, public policy and international affairs. Economics is also excellent preparation for many interdisciplinary majors such as urban studies or environmental policy.  Graduates with a degree in economics earn, on average, high salaries. A survey by the National Association of Business Economists found the median annual base salary for economists was $70,000. Data show that economics majors have higher earning potential than other business or social science majors.

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