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Need Brake Service?

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Gas Diesel Hybrid Plug-in

Tell us as much as possible about what's happening with your vehicle. You can use the glossary of Vehicle Sounds below to help explain.

Glossary of Vehicle Sounds
Booming - rhythmic sound like a drum roll or distant thunder.
Buzzing - low-pitched vibration, similar to that of a bee.
Chattering - a clicking metallic noise that repeats rapidly.
Chirping - high-pitched noise similar to a bird.
Clicking - rhythmic tapping sound similar to that of a ball-point pen.
Clunking - a dull thumping, like something being dropped.
Grinding - a loud abrasive, metallic noise, often high-pitched.
Growling - low noise like that of an animal.
Humming - continuous noise which may be somewhat melodious.
Knocking - a banging noise with two objects hitting (heavy vs. light) one another.
Rattling - shaking sound, as if something is loose.
Rumbling - a low, gurgling noise.
Squeaking - high-pitched metallic sound, often continuous.
Squealing - high-pitched whine as if something is tearing.
Tapping - light hammering noise that can be rhythmic or intermittent.
Thud - low-pitched metallic thumping.
Thumping - a loud, banging sound.
Whining - high-pitched buzzing sound.

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