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Honda PACT Program

Butte College Automotive Technology
Honda PACT Program

Honda Professional Automotive Career Training
Now, you can receive Honda Factory Training as you complete the Butte College Automotive Technology Program. American Honda Corporation has trained and certified the staff at Butte College Auto Tech to be able to deliver the most current Individualized Skills Training Modules (I.S.T.) These modules are delivered in the same way that the Honda professional technician receives them and consist of self study and "hands on" skill modules. In addition, Honda constantly provides our program with new Honda vehicles to train you on. Along with this, Honda has provided all of the necessary special tools, online reference, shop manuals, and training components. Everything needed to receive intensive basic automotive training plus over 50% of all the Honda Factory Technician Training is ready for you at Butte College.

How do I get started?
Students who enroll in Butte College's comprehensive Automotive Technology program have the option of choosing the American Honda PACT program which leads to certification by American Honda Corporation. After a counseling session with the PACT coordinator, we can get you started down the path of factory Honda training. It will take you about four semesters to complete the program (sixteen months) at a total cost for books and tuition of about $3,200. If you need housing while attending school, Craig Hall in Chico has room and board facilities.

What is Honda Individualized Training (IST)?
IST is a study system that was developed by American Honda that allows the student to study at their own pace. It consists of Honda self-study modules that will be accessed on the Honda Online University. Honda requires their current technicians to maintain a status of 100% of all current self-study topics within a reasonable time. As you complete the Honda Program at Butte College Auto Tech, you are required to achieve the 100% level by your graduation. The IST Skills modules are hands-on curriculum that you will complete as you work in the lab setting. These modules give you a better understanding of the information that you gained in the self-study courses.

How will I find a position with a Honda or Acura Dealership?
Butte College Auto Tech maintains a web site where your training record and achievements will be posted. Honda & Acura dealerships throughout the United States can be given an access code which allows them to review your record at Butte. They will be able to see which part of the country you would like to live and work in, and will be able to contact you by phone or mail. In addition, the PACT coordinator is in regular contact with our local dealers promoting and working as liaison between the PACT student and the Honda dealership.

What is the breakdown of the training program?
You will receive training in the following areas:


The PACT Certificate Program
The PACT Certificate program is designed to put students on the path to becoming a qualified professional automotive technician. In addition to earning college credit towards a degree, this program awards students a certificate from American Honda in automotive technology that enhances their credentials when applying for a job as a technician at any dealer. The certificate program can help jumpstart the career of a high school student or other students looking to start new in the automotive industry.

While you are completing classes in these areas, you will receive the Honda Factory Training that is appropriate for each area. During each class, the Honda modules that you complete are recorded electronically and on a Honda course map. Then when you receive your Butte College Auto Tech and Honda PACT certificate of achievement, you will be accredited with all the Honda modules that you have completed. The dealership that hires you also gets credit for your Honda Factory Training. This is a tremendous cost savings to the Honda dealership.


  • Candidates will have to wear Butte College Automotive uniforms (including shirts, pants and safety glasses) or a dealership provided work uniform during school.
  • Candidates are responsible for all program costs, including tuition, fees and book.

Contact our PACT Coordinator George Medina: 


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