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Online Advising FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.
(If your question is not answered here, then you can Ask a Counselor.)

What does a counselor do? Do I need to see one?
Am I assigned a particular counselor?
How do I make an appointment to see a counselor?
Can I see a counselor without an appointment?
Are evening appointments available?
What should I bring with me when I see a counselor?
Do I need to meet with a counselor before I can register for classes?
What are the differences between a new, continuing and returning student?
What is a major? Do I have to declare one?
What is General Education for an Associates Degree?
What is a certificate program?
If I get an AA/AS can I automatically transfer to a four year college?
What is a credit / no credit course?
How does Butte calculate my grade point average (GPA)?
If I get a D or F in a course, do I have to repeat it?
What if a class I want is full?
Where can I get a Schedule of Classes or college catalog?
What if I need help with a class that I'm attending?
How do I drop a class? Are there deadlines?
Can I talk to a counselor about personal topics? Will it remain confidential?
Can I send a counselor a quick question online?
Are there certain classes in which I can't enroll?
Do I have to have an assessment before I enroll in any classes?
Do I need to see a counselor every term?
How many units must I be enrolled in to be considered full-time?
Where do I go to get verification of being enrolled at the college?
If I get my associate in arts degree or a certificate of achievement, will I have to pay more for my classes?
How do I find out about 4-year schools?
Can I transfer to an out of state school from Butte College?
Do "D" grades transfer?
Do Credit/No Credit grades transfer?
How do I apply to a different college?
How can I determine if my credits will transfer?
Can I transfer to a four-year college without an associate degree?
Are there a maximum number of units I can transfer?
What if I take more units than that?
What is the minimum GPA for transfer?
What is GE?
What is the IGETC?
What is certification and why is it important for transferring students?
What are the differences between an associate degree and a bachelor's degree?
How many units do I need for an associate degree?
What is the difference between lower division and upper division courses?
What is articulation?
Does Butte College have an articulation agreement with the school that I want to transfer to?
Can I transfer to a school that does not have an agreement with Butte College?
Do I need to declare a major before I transfer?
What is the difference between CSU and a UC?
What is meant by priority filing dates for the CSU and UC?

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