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Dual Enrollment

Butte College Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment is a program that allows qualified high school students to earn college and high school credit while meeting graduation requirements.

What are the advantages of Dual Enrollment?
•    Earn your college degree in less time
•    Eliminate duplication of coursework between high school and college
•    Save money! Concurrently enrolled students are not required to pay tuition
•    Explore career fields before starting college
•    Easier transition to college
•    Improve college going expectations
•    Improve college preparation
•    Serve underserved populations

Can I receive both college and high school credit?
The student will earn both high school and college credit. If the student wishes to receive high school credit for a college call, a 3.0 unit or more one-semester class will earn one semester of high school credit (5.0 credits). Academic college courses that meet the University of California’s ‘a-g’ requirements will be given a weighted grade point and ranking on the high school transcript at the discretion of the high school.

Who can participate in Dual Enrollment?
Students must be in high school students having the support of parents, principal and a high school counselor who verified appropriate college level capability based on assessment scores and/or program pathway.

Who develops Dual Enrollment agreements?
Community college faculty must be the central component in the development and maintenance of dual enrollment courses since they are college classes.  This statement does not mean that college faculty assume all responsibility and that other stakeholders are not critical to the success of these partnerships.  The K-12 faculty and administrators from both systems need to be active participants to ensure the institution remain compliant with all requirements.

Which courses can be offered?
High school can offer both general education and/or career technical education courses to eligible students based upon CCAP Agreement with Community College.

What courses are being requested?
Computer science, history, medical terminology, communication studies, Ag, calculus/statistics, Get Focused Stay Focused, English, Political Science

Who teaches these courses?
Dual enrolled classes may be taught by approved Butte College Associate Faculty or high school teachers who meet the minimum qualifications as defined by the community college and application process. The minimum qualifications to teach any college class, credit or noncredit, are found in both law and regulation (Education Code     §§87350-87360 and Title 5 §§53400-53430 respectively.) The requirements to meet minimum qualifications are the same as for any California community college course.

Where are these courses taught?
Dual enrolled courses are taught on the high school campus.

Who will audit courses?
Each department will determine a person, plan and process to ensure all DE courses become part of the audit timeline.

Will a stipend be offered to who that audit?

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