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In Spring 2008, the college administered the Community College Survey of Student Engagement. The CCSSE measures five benchmarks of effective educational practice. A description of each benchmarks and a national overview of survey results for that benchmark is below:

Active and collaborative learning
Student effort
Academic challenge
Student-faculty interaction
Support for learners

The CCSSE Quick Look shows the areas where Butte College is statistically significantly above or below the mean for the large colleges who took the survey. An overview of the Butte College CCSSE results provides a summary of how Butte College students responded to each question. For this report, students are divided into full-time and part-time categories. The table shows the mean responses of the Butte College students, the mean responses of the students in our peer group, the percentage difference between the Butte College student response and that of the comparison group mean, and a running tally of responses that were above or below the mean.

The System Office Data Mart provides demographic information, FTES data, information on distance education, program awards, success and retention data by program, financial aid, Student Services programs, matriculation services, Assessment, and staff information. These reports are based on college MIS submissions to the System Office and, based on this, may differ from what is available locally.

For each college indicator the System Office has established a peer group to provide a comparison purposes. The peer groups are different for each indicator and are based on common factors beyond the control of individual districts. The indicators for Butte College, as well as the peer group comparisons, are included in the Balanced Scorecard.

The California Postsecondary Education Commission shows college going rates and transfer pathways. Although this is the best single source of data for showing where our students come from and where they transfer to it depends on all institutions uploading their data.

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