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Committee Structure

Committee Structure

There are a variety of groups and committees that provide pathways for participation in college governance and processes. These constituent groups (represent their constituencies), college committees (coordinate college-wid functions), area operational committees (coordinate functions under the purview of a Vice President).

Committees and Groups with Role Codes:

  • Board of Trustees
  • Foundation Board
Constituency Groups
  • Academic Senate (A/G)
  • Associated Students (G)
  • Classified Senate (G)
  • Management Association (P/G)
College Groups and Committees
  • Accreditation Steering Committee (A/G)
  • Campus Well-Being Committee (O)
  • College Council (I)
  • Diversity Committee (A/O)
  • Educational Master Planning Committee (A/O)
  • Enrollment Management Committee (O)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (A/O)
  • Faculty Flex Committee (A/O)
  • Managers Groups (O)
  • Outcomes Assessment Committee (A/O)
  • Participatory Governance Committee (G)
  • Planning and Budget Committee (G/A/O)
  • President's Leadership Team (O/G)
  • Professional Development Steering Committee (A/O)
  • Program Vitality Committee (A)
  • Student Equity Committee (A/O)
  • Student Learning Council (O)
  • Student Success Committee (A/G/O)
  • Sustainability Committee (O/A)
  • Travel and Conference Committee (A/O)
Academic Senate Standing Committees
  • Distance Learning Committee (A)
  • Equivalency Committee (A)
  • General Education Assessment Committee (A)
  • Leave/Tenure/Professional Advancement Committee (O)
  • Professional Relations Committee (A)
Area Groups and Committees
Student Learning Student Services
  • Career Technical Education Advisory Committees (CI)
  • CAS Advisory Committee (A/O)
  • Curriculum Committee (A)
  • Library Advisory Committee (A/O)
  • Study Abroad Committee (O/A)
  • Academic Council (O)
  • DSPS Advisory Committee (O/CI)
  • Early Alert Committee (O)
  • EOPS Advisory Committee (O/CI)
  • Financial Aid Advisory Committee (O)
  • Food for Thought (O)
  • Judicial Council (O)
  • Student Success & Support Programs (O)
  • Public Events Committee (O)
  • Reg-to-Go Committee (O)
  • TRIO Advisory Committee (O/CI)
Administration Planning, Research &
Organizational Development
  • Construction Project Committees (O)
  • Crisis Response Team (O)
  • Facilities Master Planning Committee (G/O)
  • Land Use Committee (G/O)
  • Safety Committee (O)
  • Academic Technology Committee (A/O)
  • Datatel Users Group (O)
  • Student Technology Advisory Committee (O)
  • Technology Council (A/G/O)

Group and Committee Function Role Codes

Definition of "Academic and Professional Matters" (A): These groups or committees are so noted because they participate in one or more of the eleven categories denoting academic and professional matters that are under the purview of the Academic Senate.

Definition of "General Participatory Governance" (G): Any group identified as a non-academic governance group or committee is so noted because of its participatory role in providing input, general advice, and recommendations to the District.

Definition of "Operational" (O): Any group identified as an operational body is so noted because it monitors and makes recommendations on the processes and activities involved in the day-to-day operation of the college.

Definition of "Professional" (P): Any group identified as a professional committee or group is so noted because it is composed of individuals who participate because of common job assignments and/or professional orientations. A dues structure is often, but not necessarily, a feature of such a group.

Definition of "Input" (I): Any group that provides advice to college decision-makers.

Definition of "Community Input" (CI): Any group that provides advice to college programs from the perspective of the businesses, clients, or community that the program serves.

Other Groups and Committees: In addition to the committees and groups listed, there are always a number of temporary "ad hoc" groups in existence at any one time.


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