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Butte College 2016-2017 Catalog. Program details:


AS Degree in Photography
Certificate in Professional Photography

Photography Program
Dave Cooper, Chair (530) 895-2259
Department Office: ARTS 224 (530) 895-2404
Counseling and Advising: (530) 895-2378

About the Program
The Photography program provides students with a working knowledge of black-and-white and color photography, and fundamental laboratory and technical skills required for entry-level employment. The curriculum is designed to teach students to become independent professional photographers or to work as technician/photographers for others. Photography is a two-year Associate Degree program.

Career Opportunities
Photography is used in virtually every field in this media-conscious age. Public relations and advertising firms, newspapers, magazines and the fashion industry are among the more traditional employers.

Camera and lab skills also are required for portraiture, wedding and scientific photography. Staff photographers are employed by industrial and architectural firms, hospitals, telecommunication and record companies, galleries and schools, as well as state agencies. Photographers also are needed for aerial surveying for land and/or agricultural development projects.

Working photographers encounter challenges requiring their technical skills and artistic innovation. Jobs involve scheduling photographic assignments for a variety of clients.

To obtain an Associate's degree, students must complete both the major requirements and the graduation requirements listed at the beginning of the Career and Technical Education Programs section of that catalog.

Note that some courses have a prerequisite (P), corequisite (C), or both (P/C). Prerequisites and corequisites are listed within each course description in that catalog.

AS Degree in Photography 60 Units Minimum

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:
  • Execute technical, aesthetic, and conceptual decisions based on an understanding of art and design principles.
  • Produce photographs suitable for seeking career opportunities in photography.
  • Solve creative problems in photography, including research and synthesis of technical, aesthetic, and conceptual knowledge.
  • Communicate photography concepts to specific audiences using proper visual, oral, and written presentation skills.
  • Evaluate photographic works, including their own, using professional terminology.
Required courses for the major: 32 Units

PHO 4 Color Photography Has prerequisite(s)3
PHO 6 Black and White Photography Has prerequisite(s)3
PHO 7 Stock Photography Has prerequisite(s)3
PHO 8 Commercial Photography Has prerequisite(s)3
PHO 99 Work Experience-PHO Has prerequisite(s)2

Certificate in Professional Photography 12 Units

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:
  • Demonstrate the safe use of photographic equipment in the studio and on location.
  • Produce photographic images for a variety of applications including industrial, medical, product display, architectural, portrait, food and fashion modeling.
  • Use computer software to edit and enhance photographic images for a variety of media including magazines, newspapers, brochures, television, and the internet.
  • Produce a selection of photographic images for a professional resume.
Required courses for the certificate:
PHO 4 Color Photography Has prerequisite(s)3
PHO 8 Commercial Photography Has prerequisite(s)3

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