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Butte College 2016-2017 Catalog. Program details:

Language Arts

AA Degree in Language Arts

Language Arts Program
Cristina Dahl, Chair (530) 895-2278
Department Office: LRC 320 (530) 895-2581
Counseling and Advising: (530) 895-2378
Transfer Counseling Center: (530) 895-2264
Transfer information:

About the Program
The transfer major listed here partially reflects requirements for CSU, Chico. Students planning to transfer should contact a counselor for more information on program and transfer requirements.

To obtain an Associate's degree, students must complete both the major requirements and the graduation requirements listed in this catalog.

Note that some courses have a prerequisite (P), corequisite (C), or both (P/C). Prerequisites and corequisites are listed within each course description in that catalog.

Transfer majors designated as AA-T or AS-T are designed for transfer to a similar major at an unspecified CSU. Transfer majors designated as AA or AS are designed for transfer to the corresponding major at a specific CSU and are based on articulation. See a counselor for more information. Read about the difference between these types of degrees at the beginning of the Transfer section of this catalog.

AA Degree in Language Arts 60 Units Minimum

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:
  • Assess the applications of a Language Arts AA Degree for personal advancement in educational and/or professional goals.
  • Identify, employ and evaluate different frameworks and perspectives for analyzing and interpreting literature or communication artifacts. These frameworks may include political, socioeconomic, geographical, ethnic, cultural, ecological, psychoanalytical, historical, gender, sexuality, and genre development.
  • Demonstrate oral, aural and non-verbal competence as appropriate to the discipline, or language.
  • Define ethical communication and explain the principles that it encompasses, regardless the discipline, language or medium.
  • Research, organize and create written, oral, and non-verbal messages using appropriate resources.
Required courses for the major: 18 Units

Choose 6 units from:6
ENGL 2 Reading and Composition (3)Has prerequisite(s)
Choose 12 units from:12
ENGL 8 British Literature I (3)Has prerequisite(s)
ENGL 10 British Literature II (3)Has prerequisite(s)
ENGL 14 U.S. Literature I (3)Has prerequisite(s)
ENGL 16 U.S. Literature II (3)Has prerequisite(s)
CHIN 2 Second Semester Chinese (4)Has prerequisite(s)
FREN 2 Second Semester French (4)Has prerequisite(s)
ITAL 2 Second Semester Italian (4)Has prerequisite(s)
JPN 2 Second Semester Japanese (4)Has prerequisite(s)
JPN 3 Third Semester Japanese (4)Has prerequisite(s)
JPN 4 Fourth Semester Japanese (4)Has prerequisite(s)
LATN 2 Second Semester Latin (4)Has prerequisite(s)
LATN 3 Third Semester Latin (4)Has prerequisite(s)
GERM 2 Second Semester German (4)Has prerequisite(s)
GERM 3 Third Semester German (4)Has prerequisite(s)
GERM 4 Fourth Semester German (4)Has prerequisite(s)
SPAN 2 Second Semester Spanish (4)Has prerequisite(s)
SPAN 3 Third Semester Spanish (4)Has prerequisite(s)
SPAN 4 Fourth Semester Spanish (4)Has prerequisite(s)
SPAN 14 Hispanic Short Stories (3)Has prerequisite(s)
SPAN 16 Hispanic Film (3)Has prerequisite(s)

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